Golf Utah Beach Normandie

Golf Utah Beach Normandie

Golf 18 trous en Normandie

Management Committee

Management Committee of the Sports Association

President : Jean-Jacques LIGNY

 Vice Presidents : Christophe BOISSET, Philippe RÉVEILLON

Secretary : Jacky MILLET

Treasurer : Régine LETETREL

Golf School Manager: Jacky MILLET

Communication Manager: Olivier RANDON

Field Manager : Jean-Pierre DOINEIL

Members of CODIR : Bertrand LECONTE, Stéphane XAMENA

The missions of the Sports Association

The Utah Beach Golf Sports Association aims to manage sporting activities and support the promotion of golf, competitive sport and leisure sport through the following missions:

  • Create and organize golfing events all year round for its members within and outside the club, offer and manage competitions on our course and seek partners,
  • Organize and manage the golf school to allow young people to discover golf, progress and participate in regional and national competitions,
  • Organize, support and accompany the performance of the women’s and men’s teams in the various competitions in which they participate,
    Liaise with ffgolf, the Normandy League and the Departmental Golf Committee.