Golf Utah Beach Normandie

Golf Utah Beach Normandie

Golf 18 trous en Normandie


Nouveau Practice - Golf de la presqu'ile du Cotentin
Golf de la Presqu'ile du Cotentin

This 18 hole golf course, situated in Fontenay-sur-Mer, at the tip of the Normandy peninsula, was designed by Yves Bureau. It is a concentration of all the different types of landscapes found in the area. You have the sea, the wooded countryside, dunes and marsh, and whatever the season or the time of day, you will appreciate the exceptional light.

Incidentally, the countryside and spirit of the course will remind you of Scotland, where golf originated.

Different kinds of difficulties are involved, making the course particularly interesting both for professionals and for players with a high handicap., We are confident that everyone will enjoy the course and find it memorable.
The 19th hole will be memorable too as this area is famous for the best fresh oysters, seafood and fish. Also, the quality of the meat, cheeses and vegetables in this area is hard to beat, so bon appétit !

Come and try the «  Golf Utah Beach Normandie ». You will be back !

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