Golf Utah Beach Normandie

Golf Utah Beach Normandie

Golf 18 trous en Normandie

The Club House of the « Golf de la Presqu’île du Cotentin »

As in all sports, the social side of the game is off the fairway. It is focused on the club house, which is open to all. The building itself is old and used to be a family home. There is a reception area, a restaurant, a bar, a kitchen, changing rooms and a terrasse opening out on to hole no. 1.
It is an ideal place to get together and meet new members, and there are sure to be animated discussions related to the course and the games played.

To go on the golf course, you first have to go to the club house. This is where you will be welcomed and it is where non members will pay their green fee, rent a golf cart or buggy, or buy tokens for the golf ball machine.

It is also here, at the club house, that you will be able to put your name down for the various events and competitions, details of which you will find on the board.

The hostesses at the club house restaurant will provide you with simple, unfancy meals, varied according to the season.

At the club house, you will also find a range of golf accessories such as tees, pitch markers, balls and gloves, and also a limited range of clothes with the colour and logo of the club, « Golf de la Presqu’Ile du Corentin ».

Club House - Golf de la presqu'ile du Cotentin
Terrasse du Golf de la presqu'ile du Cotentin
Enveloppe & Carte

Enveloppe – 0.30€
Carte Postale – 0.40€

Relève pitch

Relève Pitch – 15€


Polo Homme ou Femme – 30€

Balle logotée Golf de la Presqu'ile

Balle CALLAWAY Logotée
9,50 € la boite de 3


Thanks to our partnership with « Golf Passion », you can buy gloves, tees, caps and other golf articles which are on display.

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